In 1979, Craig Ferrell, M.D., finished his training at Campbell Clinic Orthopaedics in Memphis and moved his family to Franklin to start an orthopaedic practice. He initially shared office space with Dr. Joe Willoughby across the street from the “old hospital.”

His first hurdle was to convince his neighbors that good orthopaedic care could be close to home and that they didn’t have to drive into Nashville for every broken bone. Within a year, he was joined by Shannon Curtis, M.D., who had a general practice in Dickson for a dozen years before returning to Vanderbilt University School of Medicine for an orthopaedic residency.

Over the years, the practice grew rapidly, especially after the selection of Dr. Ferrell as the physician for the U.S. Olympic swim team. The team added physicians, new technology including MRI, digital x-ray and an electronic medical records system, and a physical therapy practice. Ultimately, the practice outgrew its space and moved to its current location in 1992. An ambulatory surgery center was built across the street.

In 2009, the Bone and Joint Clinic joined forces with Vanderbilt University Medical Center to become the Vanderbilt Bone and Joint Clinic. Despite the tragic death of Dr. Ferrell and the retirement of Dr. Curtis, the vision of these two great men continues through the dedication to serving the community of the clinic’s current doctors and staff.